heading into a new month

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New Members: Amelie, Britty, Eva, Remy, Rinoa, Welcome and Happy Trading!
Game Updated: Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Weekly/Bi-Weekly Forum Games.
New Affiliates: Love Bites, Seeking, Swashbuckling
Level Ups: Level 2: Becca, Chanda, Colleen, Lyn, Minako, Noora, Rebekah, Shell, Shirphie, Sujini, Victor, Whitney
Masteries: Abby (suits-mikerachel, 101d-pongoperdita, p4-yosukechie), Arisa (mother-nesspaula, op-zorosanji, khr-dinohibari, ble-ulquiorraorihime, op-luffynami, aa-phoenixmaya, saf-dodgepenny, ane-yukioshura), Becca (hmc-howlsophie, member), Britty (at-pbmarceline), Chanda (fe-ephraimeirika, toystory-woodybuzz, fma-royriza, memberx2), Colleen (fe-ephraimeirika, td-ryuujitaiga, member), Crissy (theoffice-jimpam, chuck-chucksarah, member), Danielle (member), Indiarose (dw-eleventhamy, tw-jackianto, got-jorahdaenerys, pp-darcyelizabeth, en-robertgiselle, bs-johnfanny, member), Jess (glee-finnrachel, dw-ninthrose, oth-nathanhaley), Mahorka (member), Melissa (pmmm-madokahomura, tos-lloydcolette, member), Minako (rh-robinmarian), Rizu (bones-boothbones, voc-gakupokaito), Shell (hp-ronhermione), Shirphie (member), Sujini (ble-ichigorukia, vm-loganveronica), Victor (par-benleslie), Whitney (oth-nathanhaley)
Referrals: Abby x1, Lyn x1, Sarah x1, Sheva x1 (rewards)


You may take a total card worth of 16 . No more than 2 from the same deck.
If you donated images for a deck, you may take an extra card.
Don't forget to comment with what you are taking.


After much discussion, we decided the best course of action would be to continue with releasing 20 decks per week for a while. The reason for this is that we've had such an influx of donations, that if we had decided on 10 decks released per week, it would take an insanely long time to release the donations from August alone. So unless we begin to run low on decks to release, we will continue to release 20 decks each week.

Speaking of donations, on Sunday, September 1st, you can begin claiming decks for September. Even if you still have to turn in your donations for August (which you have until your set due dates on the claims page to turn in), you can claim four new decks for the next month. Please always keep in mind of what your due dates are. As soon as your due date hits, your claim will be removed and will be up for grabs again.

Note that the Adoption Center has been refreshed with a TON of new cards for the month, so hurry and claims your cards quickly before they're snatched away! Also note, Higher or Lower's rules has been changed a bit in order to be a bit more challenging.

Also, the card exchange limit for Category Exchange has been increased to 8 cards a week.

Adoption Center and Category Exchange have been updated with new posts for September, but since we're still in August, the website monthly games will be updated next week.


Shirphie's wish has been granted!

'I'd like us to get cards spelling out AUGUST :)'

For this wish, as a closing to the month, you can snag any choice cards that spell out A-U-G-U-S-T! Only one card per deck. Please comment with what you take.

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