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New Members: Azurei, Fresica, Welcome and Happy Trading!
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Level Ups: Level 2: Artemis, Mahorka, Melissa, Rainey, Sarah, Level 3: Arisa, Crissy, Indiarose, Jess
Masteries: Abby (ane-rinshiemi, oc-sethsummer, ffvii-cloudtifa), Arisa (fe-rhysmia, poke-redgreen, ffvii-cloudaerith, gin-gintokikagura, dw-tenthrose, member), Chanda (at-finnbubblegum, poke-redgreen, ccs-syaoransakura, mario-mariopeach), Crissy (friends-chandlermonica, castle-castlebeckett, himym-barneyrobin, lost-sawyerjuliet, ng-nickjess, member), Ets (sb-renkyoko, ffix-zidanedagger), Indiarose (pd-nedchuck, up-carlellie), Jess (mj-joeymelissa, dw-eleventhriver, dw-eleventhamy), Kuzunoha (amne-shinheroine), Mahorka (gg-loganrory, pobw-charliesam, glee-kurtblaine, fwb-dylanjamie), Minako (ffxiii-fangvanille), Rebekah (tvd-damonelena, tb-ericsookie, bat-paulholly), Remy (buffy-spikedrusilla), Sarah (poto-phantomchristine), Shirphie (wtr-landonjamie, nb-noahallie)
Referrals: Rizu x1, Shirphie x1 (rewards)


You may take a total card worth of 16 . No more than 2 from the same deck.
If you donated images for a deck, you may take an extra card.
Don't forget to comment with what you are taking.


I hope no one's upset at more Final Fantasy decks. You guys keep voting for it, okay? Okay. :|

Donation claiming for September is open! So start submitting your claims for the month (a maximum of four now). Note, you can still donate your August claims, just make sure to watch for your deadline. As soon as your deadline passes, I remove the claim and you lose your claims from August, so you'll have to use up your September claims if you want to still donate those decks.

Choices has been updated with a toooon of new upcoming decks! We also added the ability to vote for two more decks, since there's so many things to choose from.

And monthy games are updated, yay! Which means you can start making wishes again too! Happy Birthday to September peeps too~


Sheva's wish has been granted!

'Choice cards spelling CLASS since college classes start again end of this month!'

Okay, so this was for LAST month, but still! I know a bunch of you kiddies are still in school and things are gonna get busy busy busy! So to make you feel a little better about it, you can snag any choice cards that spell out C-L-A-S-S! Only one card per deck. Please comment with what you take.

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