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NEW RULE You may take a total card worth of 16 . No more than 1 from the same deck.
If you donated images for a deck, you may take an extra card.
Don't forget to comment with what you are taking.


PLEASE READ BEFORE GRABBING YOUR CARDS: So, we have a bit of a new rule concerning how many cards per deck you can take in an update. Instead of TWO per deck as we used to do, you may now only take ONE per deck. The reason for this is that people are mastering new decks the night of the update or very soon after (it's not like it's a BAD thing, I mean, us mods are guilty of it too).

Our main concern about this is that we don't want the game to be too easy. The easier it is, the faster people may get bored of it, since there's no real challenge to it. So since there's only 15 cards in a deck anyway, mastering doesn't take as long, so we're just gonna limit the amount of cards you can take in the update. Note, this isn't a punishment or anything. We're more than happy that people are able to master so many decks, but we're just thinking of the more long term concerns with it.


Chanda's wish has been granted!

'Playing games twice sounds awesome!'

Playing games twice DOES sound awesome! So for this week, you may play WEEKLY website games twice! So any of the weekly games in the interactive page can be played twice, but note that this doesn't apply to the bi-weekly or monthly games or any of the games on the forum.

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