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New Members: Dhee, Elin, Shalini, Welcome and Happy Trading!
Game Updated: Weekly, BiWeekly, Weekly/BiWeekly Forum Games
Level Ups: Level 2: Fresica, Roax, Saku, Sunlit, Level 3: Britty, Lex, Level 4: Fina, Lyn, Meg, Shell, Victor, Level 5: Indiarose, Melissa, Level 6: Jess
Masteries: Arisa (magi-alibabaaladdin, ffix-zidanedagger, unps-tokiyaotoya, ane-rinshiemi, aph-germanyitaly), Becca (kh-axelroxas, pk-georgeyukari, walle-walleeve, ffviii-squallrinoa), Fina (twilight-jacobbella, rj-romeojuliet, walle-walleeve, nb-noahallie), Crissy (ff-malinara), Jess (dw-tenthdonna, herc-herculesmeg, walle-walleeve, sb-dexrachel, dc-paceyjoey), Meg (tw-jackianto, pp-peterwendy, pd-nedchuck, ng-nickjess, en-robertgiselle, bs-johnfanny, chuck-chucksarah, 13goingon30-mattjenna, theoffice-jimpam, dw-ninthrose, sher-sherlockjohn), Melissa (tar-tarzanjane, tangled-flynnrapunzel, kura-kuranosuketsukimi, anas-dimitrianya, ffxii-balthierfran, tvd-stefanelena, bio-robertrosalind), Lex (at-pbmarceline, sh-holmeswatson, iron-tonypepper), Pam (tvd-damonelena), Rainey (glee-finnrachel), Rebekah (bc-ethanlena, mj-joeymelissa, ggirl-chuckblair, tvd-klauscaroline), Roax (ffvii-cloudaerith), Saku (hakuoki-okitachizuru, naru-sasukesakura, tvd-klauscaroline), Shell (buffy-spikedrusilla, angel-doylecordelia), Shirphie (oc-sethsummer), Sponge (potc-jackelizabeth, slp-pattiffany, himym-barneyrobin), Sunlit (bssm-mamoruusagi), Victor (dw-eleventhamy)
Referrals: Crissy x1, Fina x1, Kristi x1, Roax x2, Saku x1, Sarah x2, Victor x1 (rewards)


You may take a total card worth of 12 . No more than 2 from the same deck.
If you donated images for a deck, you may take an extra card.
Don't forget to comment with what you are taking.


A couple of things to note tonight! To start, thank you to everyone who applied to be a moderator. Our new mods that you will be seeing on the forum are Michelle, running Card Swap and Complete the Deck, Crissy, running Category Exchange and an upcoming Doubles Exchange, and Ets, running Love Note Trades and Member Activity Check. We're glad to have you all on the mod team!

Additionally, if you hadn't noticed, we have added numerous new themes for the forum! So if you're tired of our default Persona 4 theme, you can now change it into something of your preference! Previews of the themes and a guide on how to change it can be found here.

Also, we've decided to increase the reward for donating level badges. Starting with this month, you will receive six cards for every set of badges you donate (up to 3 in a month).

Finally, we apologize for a late update. We were preoccupied being extremely emotional during the Glee episode tonight. Even if you're not a fan of Glee, it was a beautiful episode to remember both Finn Hudson and Cory Monteith.


Becca's wish has been granted!

'I'm getting married October 9! I wish for everyone to get a choice card with an O, #9 and #13!'

Since this is Chemistry, where love is celebrated, we wish a huge congratulations to our member, Becca, on her wedding. To spread the joy of love, everyone may take two choice cards that have the letter O in it and are numbered 09 and 13. For this, both cards CAN be from the same deck. Just comment on what you claim.

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