Early Update!

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New Members: Amanda, Beatrix, Coco, Welcome and Happy Trading!
Game Updated: Weekly, Weekly Forum Games
Level Ups: Level 2: Leigh, Marge, Reno, Rosie-Louise, Level 3: Annie, Kristi, Michelle, Level 4: Mahorka, Noora, Rainey, Sponge, Level 5: Abby, Victor, Level 6: Crissy, Rebekah, Level 7: Arisa, Jess
Masteries: Abby (glee-santanaquinn, ffvii-zackaerith, howtolose- benandie, friends-rossrachel, free-makotoharuka), Annie (hmc- howlsophie), Arisa (p3-akihikominako, tos-lloydcolette, sc-ikutoamu, ffvi-lockeceles, free-reinagisa, par-benleslie), Britty (p4-yuyosuke, suits-mikerachel, wtp-poohpiglet, ggirl-blairserena), Crissy (ob- felixsarah, lost-desmondpenny, himym-marshalllily), Fina (tvd-damonelena, titanic-jackrose, en-robertgiselle), IndiaRose (ttw-henryclare, dw- ninthrose), Jess (kh-sorakairi, sonic-sonictails, rj-romeojuliet, gg- loganrory, hod-georgezoe), Kristi (kuro-sebastianciel), Saku (dgm-lavilenalee), Sponge (sbsp-spongebobpatrick, friends- rossrachel)
New Affiliate: Zest
Referrals: Reno x1, Whitney x1 (rewards)


You may take a total card worth of 12 . No more than 2 from the same deck.
If you donated images for a deck, you may take an extra card.
Don't forget to comment with what you are taking.


So, we're updating a day early! We have several October birthdays in the family, so we'll be at a dinner tomorrow night and we don't know how late we'll be out so we figured it'd be better to do the update earlier. Forum games will still be open until tomorrow and new rounds for those will also be posted tomorrow.

Some of you might've noticed that things moved around a little bit on the forum. We wanted to get things a little more sorted and oraganized. We made a new Services section, where we've moved the Shop, Adoption Center, Category Exchange, and also added the new Doubles Exchange.

In addition to the new mods we announced last week, Becca is also joining us as the new mod for Scavenger Hunt and Heads or Tails! Welcome to the team~!

Also, if you tried voting for dr-togamifukawa in Choices last week but were getting an error (the coding had a block for "inappropriate language"), that's been fixed now! If you get any errors like this for any of the other decks, please send let us know in the Errors section of the forum or in a general contact form in your member panel.

This was mentioned last week, but in case you missed it, we have added numerous new themes for the forum! So if you're tired of our default Persona 4 theme, you can now change it into something of your preference! Previews of the themes and a guide on how to change it can be found here.


Lyn's wish has been granted!

'Cards to spell out Autumn. Maybe that would make it cool down some.'

I don't know where all of you live, but we're here down in Florida and it is ~toasty~! Give us some northern breeze, please! Since we're heading deeper into October, hopefully many of you are getting a nice Autumn season (unlike us!), so you may take choice cards that spell out A-U-T-U-M-N! Only one card per deck. Please comment with what you take.

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