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New Members: Effy, Kiss, Welcome and Happy Trading!
Game Updated: Weekly, BiWeekly, BiWeekly/Weekly Forum Games
Level Ups: Level 2: Leigh, Marge, Reno, Rosie-Louise, Level 3: Heather, Roax, Saku, Level 4: Kristi, Level 5: Fina, Meg, shirphie, Level 6: Indiarose
Masteries: Abby (at-finnbubblegum, poke-redgreen), Crissy (suits-harveydonna, himym-lilyrobin, suits-harveymike, gg-lukelorelai), Fina (tvd-klauscaroline, idoj-tonyjeannie, tb-ericsookie, buffy-angelbuffy, nh-williamanna), IndiaRose (hp-ronhermione, rent-rogermimi, qaf-brianjustin, ob-felixsarah, lost-sawyerkate, dw-eleventhriver, pd-nedemerson, dw-roryamy), Jess (mario-mariopeach, kh-axelroxas), Kristi (sn-castieldean, tar-tarzanjane), Lyn (bs-johnfanny), Marge (toa-luketear, toa-guyluke, p3-minatoaigis), Meg (batb-beastbelle, himym-barneyrobin, dw-tenthrose, iron-tonypepper, oitnb-piperalex), Melissa (friends-chandlermonica, ffvii-cloudtifa, kh-axelroxas, ff-simonkaylee), Michelle (tvd-klauscaroline), Pam (pp-peterwendy), Rebekah (bones-boothbones, aladdin-aladdinjasmine, batb-beastbelle, oth-nathanhaley, castle-castlebeckett), Roax (ble-ichigoorihime, ft-grayjuvia, digi-taichiyamato, ffxii-balthierfran, pmmm-madokahomura), Rosie-Louise (gs-andrewsam, poto-phantomchristine), Saku (ggirl-blairserena, vm-loganveronica, ft-grayjuvia, dgm-lavilenalee), Shell (poto-phantomchristine), Shirphie (dw-eleventhriver, digi-taichiyamato, buffy-spikedrusilla, tvd-klauscaroline, tw-jackianto, unps-tokiyaotoya, tb-ericsookie, 500days-tomsummer, ng-nickjess, bb-waltjesse), Sponge (sbsp-spongebobpatrick), Sunlit (rted-tuliomiguel), Victor (sher-sherlockmoriarty, hp-ronhermione)
New Affiliate: Mystery
Referrals: Sheeva x1 (rewards)


You may take a total card worth of 12 . No more than 2 from the same deck.
If you donated images for a deck, you may take an extra card.
Don't forget to comment with what you are taking.


Not too much to note in this update, so it'll be a quick one!

We've had a LOT of donations come in over the course of the last week or so! We're super excited that everyone is getting those in and that almost everyone who's claimed October decks has already turned them in. Of course, since there's so many, it's taking us a little extra time than usual to make them all, but don't fret! We're busting them out as fast as we can! Same goes for the soulmate decks that have been turned in over the last week.

With that, there's only a week left of the month, so if you want to claim any decks before the month is over, be sure to do that as soon as you can (remember, you have a month from the day you claim them to donate, so there's no rush to finish them before October ends)!


Eva's wish has been granted!
'Stars for everyone!'

Yay for staaaaars! Everyone may take one star this week and add it to their currency!

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