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New Members: Christina, Lee, RedRarebit, Saitaina, Shawna, Welcome and Happy Trading!
Game Updated: Weekly, BiWeekly, Weekly/BiWeekly Forum Games
Level Ups: Level 2: Emily, Eva, Level 3: Shalini, Level 4: Sunlit, Whitney, Level 5: Lyn, Michelle, Pam, Rainey, Roax, Saku, Level 6: Victor, Level 7: Melissa, Shirphie, Level 8: Abby, Shirphie
Masteries: Abby (comm-troyabed, se-soulmaka, oc-ryanmarissa, himym-barneyrobin), Crissy (gg-loganrory, tgw-aliciakalinda, lotr-aragornarwen, hp-harryhermione), Emily (pl-laytonluke, 2bg-maxcaroline, 2bg-johnnymax), Ets (ffvii-renorude), Fina (clueless-joshcher, twd-nickkat ), Leigh (at-pbmarceline), Lyn (pp-darcyelizabeth, bat-paulholly), Michelle (slp-pattiffany, tar-tarzanjane, scrubs-jdelliot, pp-darcyelizabeth, batb-beastbelle, ffx-tidusyuna, chobits-hidekichii), Millie (got-jorahdaenerys), Rainey (sher-sherlockmoriarty, dw-ninthrose), Rebekah (ng-jesscece, en-robertgiselle, batb-lumierecogsworth, bbt-pennyamy, herc-herculesmeg, ggirl-danserena, sat-zacklaney, poto-phantomchristine), Roax (dn-lightl, re-chrisjill, tox-judemilla, dr-naegikirigiri, karn-yogigareki, tov-yuriestelle, ble-uraharayoruichi, p4-yuyosuke), Rosie-Louise (dw-tenthrose, pam-eddiepaige, thg-peetakatniss, grimm-monroerosalee, buffy-angelbuffy), Saku (anas-dimitrianya, ggirl-chuckblair, ffxiii2-noelserah, pmmm-madokahomura, oc-sethsummer), Shalini (charmed-leopiper), Shirphie (friends-chandlermonica, td-ryuujitaiga, karn-garekinai, suits-harveydonna, tw-scottstiles, sher-sherlockmoriarty, comm-jeffreyannie, oth-lucaspeyton), Sunlit (13goingon30-mattjenna, idoj-tonyjeannie, tw-derekstiles), Whitney (ggirl-chuckblair, chuck-chucksarah)
Referrals: Noora x1 (rewards)


You may take a total card worth of 12 . No more than 2 from the same deck.
If you donated images for a deck, you may take an extra card.
Don't forget to comment with what you are taking.


We have five new members this week and the tcg just keeps growing! Thanks to everyone for constantly referring us to new folks and spreading the word about us. We're really close to reaching a hundred members, so we're really psyched for that! Thank you all for the support and keeping us going strong!

Also, if you're waiting on your soulmate deck, those will all be done this weekend, so stay tuned for that. And speaking of soulmate decks! We're getting close to members officially completing their decks which is definitely exciting.

However, do you think there should be more to the soulmate decks after it's been completed? Perhaps a second deck? New tasks? Something entirely different? What are your thoughts? You can snag a heart currency for your comments. :)

(Also, for any Doctor Who fans in the game, Happy 50th Anniversary this Saturday! Woo woo~)


Lily's wish has been granted!

'One choice card with a blue border'

As a little extra treat this week, for the wish, everyone can grab a choice card with a 'blue' border~ Not cause we're sad or anything! It's just a purty color~ Please comment with what you take!

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