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New Members: Mysti, Rachel, Welcome and Happy Trading!
Game Updated: Weekly, Weekly Forum Games
Level Ups: Level 2: Minako, Level 3: Coco, Millie, Level 4: Fresica, Sujini, Level 5: Mahorka, Level 6: Kristi, Roax, Shell, Level 7: Becca, Level 8: Melissa, Level 9: Jess, Level 10: Crissy, Rebekah
Masteries: Becca (voc-gakupokaito, buffy-spikedrusilla, fma-royriza, sc-ikutoamu), Crissy (elem-sherlockjoan, lotr-frodosam, hl-saulcarrie), Jess (wyws-jacklucy, clueless-joshcher, ng-jesscece, en-robertgiselle, gg-lukelorelai), Kristi (dw-ninthrose, sn-johnmary, toystory-woodybuzz, ffxiii-fangvanille), Mahorka (glee-kurtrachel), Marge (ttgl-simonnia, free-reinagisa, ab-hinatayui, naru-sasukenaruto, naru-sasukenaruto, ny-natsumetanuma, work-satouyachiyo), Melissa (aph-lithuaniapoland, hmc-howlsophie), Minako (ble-ichigorukia, vm-loganveronica, ffvii-cloudtifa, ble-ichigoorihime, ccs-sakuratomoyo), Millie (bones-boothbones, tvd-damonelena), Rebekah (rebecca-maximmrs, hod-lavonzoe, vm-loganveronica, ng-nickjess, gg-lukelorelai), Roax (tox-alvinmilla, bio-robertrosalind), Rosie-Louise (potc-willelizabeth, angel-doylecordelia, poto-raoulchristine), Shell (bbt-leonardpenny), Shirphie (suits-mikerachel), Sponge (bbt-pennyamy, potc-willelizabeth, oc-ryanmarissa), Sujini (pobw-charliesam, hp-ronhermione, trc-syaoransakura, fma-edwardalphonse)
Referrals: Ets x1 (rewards)


You may take a total card worth of 12 . No more than 2 from the same deck.
If you donated images for a deck, you may take an extra card.
Don't forget to comment with what you are taking.


GOBBLE GOBBLE GOBBLE Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! For all of those in the United States, we hope everyone has a splendid and wonderful day with an absolutely delicious dinner! Even if you don't celebrate Thanksgiving, we hope you're getting pumped for the holiday season and still be sure to be thankful for everyone important to you!

For the update, the Adoption Center has been refreshed with new cards for the new month! Monthly games and December birthday rewards will be posted next week. Speaking of December~

Starting on Sunday, December 1st, we will be having a special Advent Calendar special event! On the forum, we will open a section for the Advent Calendar where you will see a new post every day until Christmas with special treats for you to snag! However, the post will only remain open over the course of that same day, so as soon as the day is done, the post will be locked and you won't be able to grab the rewards anymore. Try to claim as many days as you can, because depending on how many you can get, you'll recieve an even more special reward on Christmas!

EDIT: The advent calendar is now open! We will be posting something new every day at 12pm EST, so be sure to check in every chance you can get! You'll find the Advent Calendar in the Interactive section on the forum.

Everyone, have a fantastic day and GOBBLE GOBBLE GOBBLE~


Becca's wish has been granted!

'I wish for everyone to receive choice cards on the week of Thanksgiving spelling "Turkey"!'

Of course, we can't celebrate Thanksgiving without the traditional turkey feast! So go ahead and grab any choice cards that spell out T-U-R-K-E-Y! One card per deck. Please comment with what you take.

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