less than a week till christmas

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Masteries: Becca (p3-shinjirominako), Betty (bones-boothbones), Christina (tvd-stefanelena, tb-ericsookie), Crissy (buffy-xanderwillow, revenge-nolanemily, hp-harryron, tcd-sebastiancarrie), Fina (bbt-pennyamy, wyws-jacklucy, ng-nickjess), Heather (gg-loganrory), Jess (ga-marklexie, pd2-nicholasmia, tvd-stefanelena), Lez (p4-chieyukiko, pmmm-madokahomura), Meg (ng-schmidtcece, lotr-frodosam, comm-troyabed), Melissa (tw-scottallison, toa-aschnatalia), Mez (dw-roryamy, dw-tenthwilfred), Minako (ggirl-blairserena), Mysti (hmc-howlsophie), Nicolie (nb-noahallie, dw-tenthrose), Noora (castle-castlebeckett, ga-derekmeredith, potc-jackelizabeth), Pam (bones-boothbones, bc-ethanlena, sc-ikutoamu, twilight-jacobbella), Rainey (titanic-jackrose, sher-sherlocklestrade), Rebekah (sn-deansam, a-henrydanielle), RedRarebit (batb-lumierecogsworth), Rosie-Louise (twilight-edwardbella, st-toddlovett), Shalini (friends-rossrachel, tangled-flynnrapunzel), Shirphie (hod-georgezoe, mmfd-finnrae, 13goingon30-mattjenna, lost-sawyerkate), Sponge (oc-sethsummer, ga-marklexie, lost-desmondpenny), Vanja (p4-yuadachi), Victor (merlin-arthurmerlin, lost-sawyerjuliet, himym-lilyrobin), Xtina (dc-paceyjoey, glee-finnrachel)


You may take a total card worth of 12 . No more than 2 from the same deck.
If you donated images for a deck, you may take an extra card.
Don't forget to comment with what you are taking.


A reminder to everyone that the Advent Calendar Event is ongoing on the Forum! Make sure to check in every day for bonus prizes!

Also, we've been running a bit low on Animation deck donations lately, so it'd be greatly appreciated and really helpful if members could donate more of any of those, whether they're animanga, cartoons, or video games. When we're low, I still go ahead and make extra random decks to make sure we always have enough to release, but I'm definitely grateful for any extra help with gathering images.

It's less than a week until Christmas! Happy Christmas to anyone who celebrates it, and for those who don't, we hope you still have some wonderful time off to enjoy with your families. ♥


Sujini's wish has been granted!

'Three choice cards with "A" in them. just because'

Random wishes are always delightful! So this week, go ahead and grab three choice cards containing the letter 'A' in the name.

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