final update of the year!

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Level Ups: Level 2: Steph, Level 3: Christina, Level 4: Emily, Varka, Wing, Level 5: shalini, Level 7: Michelle, Saku, Level 8: Kristi, Roax, Level 9: Becca, Fina, Sponge, Level 10: Melissa, Level 11: IndiaRose, Shirphie, Level 12: Crissy, Level 13: Rebekah
Masteries: Becca (p3-akihikominako, hak-rioshino, p4-yosukechie, ffxiii-fangvanille, ffviii-irvineselphie, ffxii-balthierfran, ffvii-cloudaerith), Christina (ggirl-blairserena, tvd-damonelena), Coco (bssm-chibiusahotaru, ff-simonkaylee), Crissy (mm-donbetty, toystory-woodybuzz, sa-hakuchihiro, mentalist-patrickteresa, lost-jinsun), Emily (bbt-pennyamy, glee-santanaquinn), Fina (sh-alexkatie, par-benleslie, oc-ryanmarissa, castle-castlebeckett), IndiaRose (pobw-charliesam, lost-desmondpenny, pp-jessebeca, lotr-frodosam, pd-lilyvivian, dw-tenthwilfred), Kristi (ffx-tidusyuna, sn-castielsam, iron-tonychika, tw-jacksonlydia, tw-derekstiles, kh-sorakairi, free-makotorei, ffvii-cloudtifa, arrow-oliverfelicity), Melissa (fate-riderwaver, dr-naegikirigiri), Meg (st-kirkspock, dhsab-billypenny), Mez (dw-ninthrose, ml-mickbeth, hp-ronhermione, wc-nealpeter), Michelle (theoffice-jimpam, charmed-leopiper, bones-boothbones, tangled-flynnrapunzel, poto-phantomchristine), Minako (toa-aschnatalia, herc-herculesmeg, angel-gunnfred, wtp-pooheeyore, ble-uraharayoruichi, naru-narutohinata), Noora (ga-marklexie), Rainey (glee-jesserachel, batb-beastbelle, ea-henrydanielle), Rebekah (dhsab-billypenny, revenge-danielemily, wtp-tiggereeyore, iron-tonypepper, gg-lorelairory, sn-castieldean, pd2-nicholasmia), RedRarebit (iron-tonyjames), Roax (dr-togaminaegi, g00-setsunafeldt, ffvii-renorude), Rosie-Louise (dw-eleventhamy, dw-eleventhriver), Saku (titanic-jackrose, amne-kentheroine, hp-harryhermione, lit-bobcharlotte, khr-tsunaenma), Shalini (charmed-colephoebe, iron-tonypepper, ff-briandom, wc-nealpeter), Shirphie (wb-rjulie, free-makotorei, ng-jesscece, ff-malinara, ob-paulsarah, scandal-fitzolivia, biss-johnnymilly, misfits-simonalisha, digi-koushiromimi), Shell (friends-chandlermonica, charmed-colephoebe, ff-simonkaylee, tangled-flynnrapunzel), Sponge (himym-lilyrobin, bbt-howardbernadette, potc-jackangelica, lotr-aragornarwen, charmed-phoebepiper), Steph (pp-jessebeca), Vanja (bssm-harukamichiru, lotr-frodosam, tox-alvinmilla, fate-riderwaver, tangled-flynnrapunzel), Victor (ob-felixsarah, ff-simonkaylee, dw-ninthrose, 2bg-johnnymax), Wing (dw-roryamy, magi-alibabaaladdin, knb-kagamiaomine), Xtina (nb-noahallie)
Affiliates: Harmony (After a hiatus, it's back with a brand new look and card template!)


You may take a total card worth of 12 . No more than 2 from the same deck.
If you donated images for a deck, you may take an extra card.
Don't forget to comment with what you are taking.


We hope everyone enjoyed their holiday! The advent calendar is officially closed and the final rewards are being put together. Those will probably end up being posted sometime this weekend.

We're nearing the end of the year, so there'll be some new upcoming changes with the site such as a new appearance and the use of combination badges. So stay tuned in upcoming updates for those to appear!

The end of the month means that the Adoption Center will be refreshed with new cards next week so use this last week to grab any of the last remaining cards left. Also, if you haven't claimed anything this month for deck donations, be sure to do so before next week when January starts. All monthly games will be updated next update as well.

With that, this'll be our last update for 2013! We hope everyone had a great year and thanks for being with us over the past few months so far. We'll see you next week in 2014!


Rosie-Louise's wish has been granted!

'For everyone to get a choice card with one of the pairings wearing Red or Green.'

To finish off the Holiday-related wishes, everyone may take a choice card where at least one character is wearing either red or green clothing, whether it be a shirt, hat, etc.

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