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Level Ups: Level 3: Nicolie, RedRarebit, Xtina, Level 4: Heather, Vanja, Level 5: Coco, Reno, Level 6: Mohorka, Shalini Level 7: Rainey, Level 8: Michelle, Noora, Level 10: Sponge, Level 11: Melissa, Level 12: shirphie, Level 13: Crissy, Level 14: Rebekah
Masteries: Becca (sb-renkyoko, bssm-harukamichiru), Coco (ffvii-vincentyuffie), Fresica (bat-paulholly, aph-franceengland), Heather (charmed-colephoebe), IndiaRose (pd-emersonchuck, da-matthewmary, nbc-jacksally, alice-hatteralice), Lex (ccs-sakuratomoyo), Mahorka (hp-ronhermione), Melissa (nge-kaworushinji, ffvii-cloudaerith, dgm-allenlenalee, ff-malinara), Michelle (ff-malinara), Minako (charmed-colephoebe, mario-mariopeach, ffvii-cloudaerith, ggirl-danblair), Nicolie (rj-romeojuliet), Noora (aladdin-aladdinjasmine), Pam (101d-pongoperdita, rj-romeojuliet), Rainey (sn-deansam), Rebekah (wc-nealpeter, clueless-joshcher, pib-pusskitty, dhsab-horriblehammer), RedRarebit (ca-stevebucky), Roax (aa-phoenixtrucy, ggirl-chuckblair), Reno (bssm-mamoruusagi, bssm-chibiusahotaru, bssm-harukamichiru), Rosie-Louise (10king-wolfvirginia, buffy-xanderwillow, bac-isaacmiria), Shalini (13goingon30-mattjenna, charmed-phoebepiper, howtolose-benandie, glee-kurtblaine, pd2-nicholasmia), Shell (himym-marshalllily, rent-rogermimi, charmed-leophoebe, gg-loganrory), Shirphie (grimm-monroerosalee, dw-tenthwilfred, dw-roryamy), Vanja (slayers-xelloslina, bio-robertrosalind), Xtina (en-robertgiselle, biss-johnnymilly, ttw-henryclare)
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You may take a total card worth of 12 . No more than 2 from the same deck.
If you donated images for a deck, you may take an extra card.
Don't forget to comment with what you are taking.


You might've already caught on, but we've uploaded a new layout! Unlike our last layout which had skins, this one instead has a randomly generated header. The header usually won't change while surfing through pages, so you can refresh to find one that you prefer! There's a refresh link at the bottom of each page for you to change it whenever you'd like. We'll also be adding more headers randomly over time. We hope you enjoy the new look~

Unfortunately, the downside to the new layout that we weren't able to check until it was uploaded is there's some problems with some of the forms. We're continuing to try to work on these errors and get everything working smoothly again. Note, for the voting/wishes/games to work, you MUST be logged in prior for it to work! If you're not, you'll have a bunch of code errors on the page. Again, we apologize for the craziness but thank you for bearing with us!

Also, weeks have become a bit more hectic for us, so we decided that we're going to switch the update day from Thursdays to Sundays. It's just a lot more convenient for us because we actually have a lot more time on the weekends than we used to. This will start next Sunday, January 18th. So keep in mind that you won't see an update next Thursday.


Mysti's wish has been granted!

'Three random cards for everyone? :)'

For this week's wish, everyone may grab any three random cards from either the Animation or Live Action section in the randomizer. Be sure to comment with what you take!

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