Issues Have Been Fixed!

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New Members: Chris (Welcome and happy trading!)
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Level Ups: Level 3: Saitaina, Level 8: Lex, Rosie-Louise, Shell, Level 9: Kristi, Level 10: Fina, Level 11: Becca
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You may take a total card worth of 12 . No more than 2 from the same deck.
If you donated images for a deck, you may take an extra card.
Don't forget to comment with what you are taking.


Yes, we have yet another new layout. We were having a lot of coding issues with the previous one which we couldn't quite get figured out, so we decided to just try something new altogether. So unfortunately the previous look didn't last long, but it's much more important to have the tcg functioning properly and to be able to play the games without any issues.

With this new look, there's two different navigation areas: one set of quick links up above the content area, and one more detailed set to the right. There's a new "login" link as well in the navigation above in case that might be more helpful for members to access easier. After logging in, you'll be sent to the member panel.

Also, this was kind of a rushed layout just to get something functional immediately up to replace the previous one, so there aren't any different skins or headers for this layout, but I did try to incorporate both live action and animation to make up for that.

If you have any issues at all with the new layout, please let us know. All the coding should be fine and games should all be working perfectly again, including the wishes and the voting. But in the case we've missed something, please send us a message letting us know of the issues you may be having.

Also, since we're running a little low on decks, we're only going to release 5 decks from each section next week, for a total of 10. Once we stock up a bit more in our Upcoming section, we'll go back to the usual 20 decks per week.


Christina's wish has been granted!

'I wish for everyone to take 2 choice cards from live action and 2 from animation.'

For this week, you may take two Live Action choice cards and two Animation choice cards. Hopefully, this will be a special treat for you to make up for the layout craziness in the last two weeks. One card per deck

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