february: month of love

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Level Ups: Level 4: Azurei, Level 6: Coco, Heather, Level 7: Mahorka, Shalini, Level 10: Kristi, Level 15: Rebekah
Masteries: Azurei (anas-dimitrianya), Christina (ggirl-danblair), Coco (bssm-harukamichiru), Fresica (aph-germanyitaly, sn-castieldean), Heather (potc-jackelizabeth), Kristi (ccs-syaoransakura), Lex (g00-lockontieria), Pam (amne-shinheroine), Rebekah (st-toddlovett, potc-willelizabeth, dd-johnnybaby), Rosie-Louise (bbt-howardbernadette, woo-dorothytoto, dw-tentheleventh, thor-thorjane), Shalini (2bg-johnnymax), Shirphie (ng-schmidtnick, da-matthewmary, sh-alexkatie), Varka (101d-pongoperdita)
Referrals: Lee x1 (rewards)
Birthdays: Annie, Chloe, Lily, Mahea, Marge, Marie, RedRarebit, Rizu, Shirphie (presents)


You may take a total card worth of 6 . No more than 2 from the same deck.
If you donated images for a deck, you may take an extra card.
Don't forget to comment with what you are taking.


This week (along with next week) will continue to consist of ten released decks instead of twenty, as we're still catching up to obtain a reasonable amounts of decks in our upcoming section. However, we'd like to know what you'd prefer! It's nice getting a big batch of decks released, but at the same time, since it's weekly, some of you might feel overwhelmed with so many decks you might want to collect that you may feel like you're getting behind.

So what do you prefer: 10 decks released weekly or 20 decks released weekly? Answer with your preference in the comments. You can take a heart currency for giving us your input!

If the majority of you answers with 10, we'll continue with doing the 10-deck update as we're doing today from now on. If the majority of you answers with 20, after next week's update, we'll get back to our old 20-deck update as per usual. Either way, next week, we'll be celebrating a total of 600 released decks, so whoo to us all for that!

All the monthly games have been updated, which also means the Adoption Center has been rebooted with new cards, and donation claims for February are open as well. Birthday rewards for February babies are also up! Happy Birthday to you all~

Also, it's been kind of hectic with the new year with a lot of changes online and in real life, so we got kind of behind with the Christmas event rewards. We greatly apologize for that, but next week, those will all officially be posted. Thanks for your patience!


Noora's wish has been granted!

'choice cards spelling IT'S A GIRL cause my sister just had a baby girl recently'

Yay for babies~ Congratulations to Noora for her newborn niece! With love, often comes a growing family afterwards, so everyone may take choice cards that spell out "I-T-S A G-I-R-L". One card per deck, comment with what you take.

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