advent calendar rewards are up

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You may take a total card worth of 6 . No more than 2 from the same deck.
If you donated images for a deck, you may take an extra card.
Don't forget to comment with what you are taking.


First and foremost, the final Advent Calendar rewards have been posted! So sorry for the delay, but if you participated at all in the event, go ahead to the thread to get your rewards!

Thank you for your comments last week about the released decks. Pretty much everyone agreed that 10 decks released weekly would be a lot easier to keep up with, so from now on, we will officially release 10 decks instead of 20 a week.

And that's quite alright, cause this week we managed to reach a total of 600 decks with 9000 cards released. This is a pretty big accomplishment so thank you to everyone for your support and donations to make that possible. As a bonus treat, everyone may take three choice cards with the numbers 6, 0, and 0.

Just a small note, birthday rewards have been moved into a subthread of its own within the Member Rewards just for organization's sake.

Also, Love Note Trades have been updated. Sorry to those that waited!


Xtina's wish has been granted!

'I wish for everyone to take a card that spells out 'Football' for the NFL playoffs!'

I totally meant to do this last week to celebrate the Super Bowl and totally forgot, so we're gonna do it this week! So everyone, go ahead and take choice cards that spell out F-O-O-T-B-A-L-L. One card per deck, please comment with what you take.

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