and we start with march

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Level Ups: Level 3: Rachel, Level 5: Sujini, Wing, Level 12: Fina, Level 14: Becca, Melissa
Masteries: Becca (ffvii-renorude, buffy-angelbuffy, sukitte-yamatomei, fma-edwardalphonse, tov-yuriestelle, saf-dodgepenny), Crissy (hl-brodycarrie, maan-benedickbeatrice), Fina (slp-pattiffany), Lyn (dw-roryamy), Melissa (amne-ikkiheroine), Mez (iron-tonypepper), Nicolie (tvd-stefanelena, thg-peetakatniss), Noora (potc-jackangelica, potc-willelizabeth, charmed-colephoebe), Rachel (kuro-sebastianciel), Shirphie (batb-vincentcatherine), Sujini (snk-erenmikasa, snk-levieren, sd-tristanyvaine, sher-sherlockjohn, ls-lilostitch, knb-kagamikuroko, iron-tonypepper, himym-marshalllily, hfo-stevedanny, ga-alexizzie, ccs-syaoransakura, ccs-sakuratomoyo, 13goingon30-mattjenna), Wing (kura-kuranosuketsukimi, fe-chromlucina)


You may take a total card worth of 6 . No more than 2 from the same deck.
If you donated images for a deck, you may take an extra card.
Don't forget to comment with what you are taking.


This is the final reminder that the final Advent Calendar rewards have been posted! If you participated at all in the event, go ahead to the thread to get your rewards! (These are valid until March 31st!)

It's a brand new month so along with the monthly site games being updated, the adoption center has been refreshed with new cards and birthday rewards have been posted in the forums! Also, you can go ahead and claim new decks for donations this month.

Speaking of donations, we've been a little low in live action donations lately, so right now, there's really no decks in upcoming for it. We'll have to gather pictures ourselves to make a little more to throw in there over the next week (don't worry, we'll definitely have enough to release for next update at least), but any live action donations to help us fill up that page again will be greatly appreciated!

With the smaller count of decks in the upcoming page, the Choices game has been changed to have only three decks to be voted on instead of five.


Azurei's wish has been granted!

'I wish for a rainbow currency for everyone!'

This week, everyone may go ahead and grab a rainbow currency!

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